28 Feb 2012

Bargain Bonanza...

I've been on a bit of a shopping hype lately and being a student I never want to pay full price for anything which is why I shop around and find the best deals on everything and anything. Discount stores and Pound stores are my haven ( I'm like a kid in a candy store when I walk in). Im constantly watching my pennies and feel the need to justify whatever I buy, which is why I tend not to buy to much, but this week has been an exception. I have been feeling a little worn out with Uni work and decided to treat myself with a shop. I want to tell you about a few of my MUST VISIT WEBSITES for all the bargains and discounts you could wish for.


Now I have ordered from this website before and there service has been excellent, On first inspection it looks a little dodgy but trust me the products arrive and they are 5*****. I have a haul video HERE  which you can have a look at before you order to give you a little overview of some of the products they sell. Obviously I didn't buy everything (but with prices this low its difficult not to) but I did buy a fair bit which has been top notch, and I have never gone into a store and bought makeup since, this site has been my go-to for whenever I need to stock up. They also ship internationally so no need to worry about that, at the moment its free shipping on all orders so get your orders in quick before it returns to normal (£15 UK delivery) & ($25 US delivery). I have a order on the way, so when it arrived I will be sure to let you all know.



Im a sucker for a good novel, and I read in my spare time, all the time. I've read everything from fantasy novels like "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" to more serious 'based on a true story' books like "A Boy Called It" and "Mummy Told Me Not To Tell" to name a few. When it comes to buying books the most obvious place to go would be the local library, but I'm one of those people that like to keep books on a bookshelf and read and re-read them, so loaning a book from the library is not something I usually do, instead I look to other means of purchase and ultimately always end up on Amazon. Now When it comes to buying books on Amazon you can get a real bargain as most books usually go for less than £1 each, however they do charge you shipping on each product you buy (e.g. you buy a book for 69p and the shipping is £3.50, thats £4.19 which isn't all that expensive when you consider how much you would buy a book for at a high street bookstore). I am currently waiting on a order to come through from Amazon so once it's here I will most certainly let you know.

My Favored Authors :


Like every other teenager out there I love to go buy clothes, however unlike every other teenager out there I tend not to shop in the high street (with the exception of a few stores which I will get back to), My clothes shopping is usually done online. Not everyone realizes this but you can save a small fortune this way, fortunately for you, you don't have to go browsing through google to find the best sites as I have found them for you;

  • Ebay: Don't give me that look, I know some people don't like to buy second hand clothes but believe me I have got a good load of bargains of Ebay that still have lots of life left in them. Ebay is not only a place where people try and sell things they no longer want, but companies have online businesses on Ebay and sell there clothes through the site as oppose to creating there own website. It's a great money saving way to spend and if you are a student like me and you want to keep up with the fashion but need to pay your next gas bill, then Ebay my friends is the way forward. Ebay is an international website and p&p is depending on where you live and what you buy. 

  • Boohoo: This site has to be one of my 'go to' site for clothing, its so affordable and stylish, and has pretty much every trend under the sun. There clearance section is the way forward and is usually stocked up with pages and pages of discounted clothing and accessories to die for. Boohoo delivers to the vast majority of countries including; UK, most countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. 

  • Primark: This is one of my exceptions to the high street shopping experience, as I believe there is no place cheaper to by anything. Primark started of in Ireland and was originally called 'Penneys', since then its evolved and became this huge phenomena. Primark not only sells clothes but also, jewelry, makeup, home-ware, shoes, bags, accessories, storage solutions, children's-ware, and so much more. I would say that the majority of my money gets spent here, and I cannot help it, I will go in for one item and come out with two bags full of stuff, some would say its an addiction. Over the past few years Primark has risen there prices ever so slightly but there is good reason for this, next time your in your local primark take a look at the quality of clothing and then cast your mind back to when the clothes were that few pounds cheaper. Yeah you guessed it, the quality of clothing has dramatically improved, something that would originally last maybe a few months is now lasting triple that. Primark don't sell anything on their website as they are constantly getting new stock to fit the trend/season, so your best bet is to find a store, here are a list of the best Primark stores in the UK; 
          - London (Oxford Street)                                                     
          - Manchester (Market Street)                                              
          - Bristol (The Horsefair)
          - Birmingham (New Street)


I could spend hours walking through Pound Land or Home Bargains and never get bored, Its great the amount of saving I have made by shopping in these sorts of stores as oppose to big chain supermarkets like Tesco or Asda. Anything and everything you could ever need or want can be bought at a fraction of the cost. Pound Land stock many name branded items and now sell the 'Simple' skin care range for £1 each! which is a great saving as you would usually pay between £2-£7 for these products in Tesco. There are hundreds of discount stores across the UK, here are my top 5;



I could go on and on about all the savings and low cost products to be had, but to be honest your probably getting a little bored of reading now, so I'll leave it there and until next time have a great day ! 

Thanks For Reading,
Rachel (Catalow333) 

26 Feb 2012

Introductions Are In Order...

First things first, I'd just like to just take a minute to introduce myself and say hello.

HELLO !!! 

Well now thats out of the way you probably want to know a little bit about me, Ok, here's me, in bullet point form;

The Basics : 

  • Rachel Ward
  • 19 Years Old
  • Born in Manchester, England
  • Student at Manchester Metropolitan University 

The Interesting Stuff :
  • Baking/Cooking 
  • Beauty 
  • Money Saving Tips & Tricks
  • DIY
  • Reading
  • What girl doesn't like to shop ? 
  • I love a great Bargain 

Youtube : 

I also have a youtube channel in which I upload videos on a regular basis, usual videos comprise of;
  • Baking/Cooking Recipes (Rachel's Recipes) 
  • How to/Beauty DIY (Eg; Make your own Body scrub)
  • Money Saving Tips (Eg; Leftover Lush Soap)
  • Vlog's
  • Haul's 
  • Homemade Items/Products
  • Etc...
So if your interested give it a little browse, and if you like what you see hit the 'Subscribe' button and I will leave you a lovely comment :) 

Tweet, Tweet... 

Yep, I joined the bandwagon a long time ago and created a twitter, which I have to say I am constantly tweeting ! So if you want to, take yourself over there and hit the 'follow' button. If not then thats fine too :) 

Thank You,
Rachel (Catalow333)