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If you found this blog somewhat interesting or intriguing and for some unknown reason you want to see more of me, then feel free to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my Youtube channel, or just send me a quick email. (All link will be below). I've also become Pinterest obsessed over the past couple of months and if, like me you've made various boards for your 'future house', 'DIY projects' or 'baking' then go ahead and follow me on that too. 

Additionally I have hoped on the Instagram bandwagon and you can find me over then snapping and clicking away till my hearts content, taking pictures of god knows almost everything, just type 'Rachelward1992' into the explore tab and there you'll find me eagerly awaiting you. 

So there you are, maybe one day in the near future there will be another social networking site that i'll join, and until that day, I'll see you on Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or Instagram !

Have a nice day 
Rachel Ward

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  1. Hiya sorry this is going to sound so random but is it possible to have your email address as I'm wanting to contact you to ask some questions about Camp America as I came across your YouTube and blog and thought it would be useful to contact you (somebody who has done it and travelled). Me and my friend are wanting to do it and I understand your doing TrekAmerica so sorry if your busy it would just be so useful to find out some extra stuff! Love your blog also!! Xxx