4 Jun 2014


Hi everyone, i'm exited to announce I have a new blog dedicated solely to all my baking malarky. Don't worry I will still be updating this blog on a regular basis but for all my baking recipes and video, tips and tricks and secrets of the kitchen head over to my new baking blog:


Thank you,
Rachel Ward

26 May 2014

It's been a while ...

So I know it's been a ver very long time (nearly 7 months) since I last made a blog post and I have no valid excuse for that all it can say is sorry :(
I have been brainstorming ideas and things to do with my blog for the past few weeks as I feel like it's needs some sort of uplifting or swift change of direction. 
I have decided to create a all new blog dedicated to solely my passion for baking! 
I'm unsure yet weather to use this blog and carry on or creat a brand new fresh blog and start from scratch but when I decide I will let you know. (Hopefully within the next few days) 
So my future posts will be baking tutorials with high quality photographs as step along guides, also I will be encorporating my YouTube into this aswell and creating video recipes for you to follow, as I do all the time (check out my YouTube channel, the link will be around here somewhere). 

So if you have any baking enquires or anything you want to see me bake then please don't hesitate to leave a comment :) 

Thanks for reading, 
Rachel Ward 

14 Nov 2013

Rachel's Cake Company

Hi everyone, so I have finally somewhat finished my website, and other social media pages for my cake company.

So if you want to order or simply have a look around at what I have created so far then here it is:




... and of course you can always email me with orders at:


Look forward to hearing from you...

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward

12 Nov 2013


It's coming into the winter and I needed a new coat, took a wander into Primark and of course I came out with a whole lot more than just a coat...

If you saw something you liked pop down to your local Primark, and pick it up for yourself :) 

30 Oct 2013

Technology 10 Years Ago...

I am nearly 21 and recently been thinking about my childhood, its scary to think how much the world has changed since I was 10 years old.

Firstly I didn't have a computer, not even a shared house computer. The closest computer was at school or my local library and even then, it was pretty much a word processor and the art game 'dazzle' that I used it for. Im not sure if google was even around then, but I certainly had never used it, The internet was not a 'thing' I was fully aware of. There was no youtube, or facebook, no twitter or blog sites, social media was not a major factor in society.

Secondly There was no flat screen LCD 3D TV systems, no way, nor was there 3 or 4 TVs per household, I remember growing up we had 1 TV in the living room, a big black bulky box with video player underneath. No DVD player, Netflix, Skybox, Tivo none of these things even existed. We had a huge stack of Videos beside the TV which had to be rewinded before being played, no external hard drives to store movies on.

Thirdly I want to talk about mobile phones, which has made a huge if not one of the biggest changes in the past 10 years. I remember my first phone, ad it is probably the same phone every other 20 year old had as there first phone, it was a Nokia 3310, and my primary use for this phone was to play 'snake'. A simple black and white screen, no apps, music, camera, photos, videos, but it was all we knew, It was the iphone of the time. Then came flip phones with awful camera but nobody complained because they were the first phone and camera integrated which was a revolution at the time.

Next I want to talk about computer games, Now I will admit I wasn't the biggest fan of gaming, but was prone to playing Super Mario or Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation, and when I say playstation I mean the big old grey one, the first machine of there time. I had a little dance mat that plugged into the PS1 and would dance around to my hearts content. Now they have all these games and consoles I wouldn't know where to begin, live interaction with people from across the world on the xbox, and movement sensor games with the wii.

It's crazy to think that over the past 10 years which is not that long in reality the technological world has changed so drastically, and Its scary to thing where it will lead in the next 10 years.

24 Oct 2013

DIY - Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

I am constantly on the lookout for crazy new ideas when it comes to baking, decorating and showcasing my products, and found this amazingly unique way of displaying cupcakes using old vinyl records.

As always I recorded a youtube video to show you step by step how to make this, so give it a go and impress your friends and family at your next party.

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more videos like this one.

Rachel Ward

23 Oct 2013

Rachel's Cake Company

The past couple of weeks I have been super busy setting up a little cake/cupcake business. I have always had a huge passion for baking and it seemed only right that my next step in life would be to use this passion and drive to do something in life that I enjoy and hopefully everyone will too.

I make specialty cakes for all occasions and have a very creative streak when it comes to design and flavours and am constantly praised for the work I do.

I will be setting up a stall at a Bowlers Market (near Trafford Centre in Manchester) next week, selling a selection of cupcakes, The four flavour combinations I have settled on will be the following:

  • Salted Caramel & Pretzel 
  • (Vanilla cupcake with caramel centre, topped with caramel buttercream and topped off with a pretzel)
  • Extreme Double Chocolate
  • (Chocolate cupcake with chocolate gnash centre, topped with chocolate buttercream and topped off with chocolate balls)
  • Vanilla Confetti
  • (Colourful vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles, topped with a chocolate slab)
  • Mint Chocolate 
  • (Peppermint chocolate cupcake, with a minty centre, topped with peppermint buttercream and a mint chocolate slap and finished with a drizzle of chocolate)
So feel free to pop down if you live in or around the area and try one out for yourself. 

I have set up a twitter account and email address dedicated to all things baking, so if you have a question, or want to order then you can contact me on either on. 

Follow me on twitter for up to date info about where I will be, stall info, and photos of all my baking results. 

Email me if you want to order a specialty cake or batch of cupcake for any event you have planned. 

I have a food hygiene certificate and my kitchen had been registered with the local council.

What is your favourite flavour of cupcake from my selection?