4 Jun 2014


Hi everyone, i'm exited to announce I have a new blog dedicated solely to all my baking malarky. Don't worry I will still be updating this blog on a regular basis but for all my baking recipes and video, tips and tricks and secrets of the kitchen head over to my new baking blog:


Thank you,
Rachel Ward

26 May 2014

It's been a while ...

So I know it's been a ver very long time (nearly 7 months) since I last made a blog post and I have no valid excuse for that all it can say is sorry :(
I have been brainstorming ideas and things to do with my blog for the past few weeks as I feel like it's needs some sort of uplifting or swift change of direction. 
I have decided to create a all new blog dedicated to solely my passion for baking! 
I'm unsure yet weather to use this blog and carry on or creat a brand new fresh blog and start from scratch but when I decide I will let you know. (Hopefully within the next few days) 
So my future posts will be baking tutorials with high quality photographs as step along guides, also I will be encorporating my YouTube into this aswell and creating video recipes for you to follow, as I do all the time (check out my YouTube channel, the link will be around here somewhere). 

So if you have any baking enquires or anything you want to see me bake then please don't hesitate to leave a comment :) 

Thanks for reading, 
Rachel Ward