17 Jun 2013

The day before the day before I leave.

So in two days time I will be on my way across the atlantic ocean saying goodbye and farewell to great old England, and boy can I not wait !

So today has been one of those days where I rush around picking up any bits and bobs I somehow forgotten to get and tying up any old loose ends. So my first stop on the list was Tesco, I went in to buy some allergy tablets as for the past few days I have been sneezing galore and my nose and eyes have been sooo itchy I've wanted to tear them of! Anyway I found a deal 'buy one get on free' which I tuck full advantage of, and ended up getting two packets of 7 tablets for £3 odd, I then needed some ear drops as, as horrible as it sounds my ears have been feeling how should I put it 'full of wax' and I've tried q tips, and olive oil but nothing worked so I bought a little bottle of ear drops and fingers crossed it will do the trick. 

I went for a eye test at Tesco to, as they offer free eye tests and believe me my eyes are getting worse by the day, so I booked an appointment and they had a slot there and then, so I went in and they did what they needed to do, turns out one of my eyes is weaker than the other, so they gave me a prescription and told me to pick some glasses from the selection, i found a lovely pair for £95 and they were on the buy on get one free line so i got two pairs for £95, but as she was processing it she said it would take a few weeks and seeing as im leaving on wednesday i didn't have a few weeks to wait so she told me to come back when I return and she will process it then, which is a bit of a let down as I really could have done with them whilst I am away, but never mind.

I then poped into B&M and picked up some paracetamol, and more allergy tablets which were only 69p each ! I couldn't believe I paid £3 for them in Tesco when they are in B&M for 69p. Ahh well, I picked up a few more boxes to be on the safe side. 

On my way out I had a look round the market and found this book called 'Dear Me' its a book full of letters people have written to their 16 year old self and looks really interesting so I am saving that one for the flight. 

Anyway, nothing else really happened today, well I did buy a scratch card, but won nothing so thats not very exiting is it. One day I will win the jackpot, but for now I guess I will just keep wishing. 

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