16 Aug 2013

I Got A Tumblr !

So the day has finally arrived. I decided I would create a Tumblr even though I have no idea how it works, I guess I will find out as I did with every other social media site I initially joined. I feel like this is going to be a good way to communicate even more with my viewers/readers, from adding photos, videos, notes, and links to my favourite site I already know it will most probably be the cause of my ever increasing time spent online. What I did notice however when I signed up was that it was a blue site. What I mean by that it thats its literally blue, like facebook, twitter, skype and probably so many others. What I realised what that the blue on these sites are all a shade of sky blue giving people who visit them the illusion that they are outside when in reality thats not true. Anyway enough that, lets get back to why we are here, yes Tumblr, please however excuse my first few days as I am new to this whole thing and it will take me a while to get a grip of how everything works.

Hope you enjoy my Tumbling.

Don't forget to follow me and I will se you there !

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward.

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