15 Oct 2013

It Feels Like Forever Ago...

I know, I been neglecting my blog for since what seems like forever, but I've bitten the bullet and I am adamant with myself that I will keep it up this time and not do a couple of posts and leave it for weeks with nothing.

Even though my blog has become some what of a tumble weed area my youtube  channel is constantly on the go with new stuff posted regularly in the form of DIY, food recipes, tutorials, tips and tricks and videos off all sorts that will you will hopefully find interesting. So if you haven't already go over there and check it out, if you like what you see feel free to subscribe for weekly videos ...


So whats new with me?
Well since I last posted, I was on my way to America to take a road trip across the southern boarder, which I don't think I told you how I got on.
If I had a penny for every person that asked me how it was I would have enough money to well probably buy...well a bottle of water. Seriously though I never know what to say or more so where to begin with a question like that. I had an amazing time though and thats the main thing, it was defiantly the summer of a lifetime and will probably be the best summer of my life EVER. I learnt so much about myself and felt like I grew up, became more confidant as a person and embraced life to the fullest, not to mention I made loads of great new friends who I shared all these experiences with. I think I did actually tell you about it. Im not sure I will have to go back and look at my previous posts to see what I wrote (see if I was here more often I wouldn't forget what I write).

Anyway I also started back at uni (booooo) but I'm now in my final year (yayyyyy), which means the countdown to graduation has already begun, but with that comes a heap of thinking and planning to do with my future. I am at the stage in my life that I am still not sure where my future will lead me and Im not 100% sure what I want to do. It was a lot easier when I was five and I wanted to be 101 different things. But now its reality and not make pretend, I cant just sit and waste my life away. I have to go out there, do things and make something of my life. Not be scared by other people and don't take no for a answer. My true passion lies in baking. I love it, every aspect of it from baking to decorating to displaying and photographing my work. I guess thats why I love youtube so much because I can share with you my passion which is a great feeling. A dream would be to open my own bakery, maybe somewhere in America or maybe Australia, settle down, have 3 kids a husband and a dog, live the postcard lifestyle. But I know thats a long shot but Its good to have aspirations, something to work for and aim for. I guess in a way I have already begun that process, I am in the 'early' stages of setting up my own little cupcake business which if all goes to plan I can start selling a local markets and make a name for myself (I will keep you updated with the progress as this goes along), I have however set up a dedicated twitter and Facebook page for my little business which I have named:

Rachel's Cake Company




So if you want you can have a look around and follow my progress through twitter and facebook, bearing in mind its still early stages so theres not that much up on them, but once my stall gets up and running it will be go, go, go!

Keeping in line with my future, My plans for Australia are still in the pipeline, Once I graduate I will if everything goes as it should be jetting of with a friend of mine to the land down under to spend a year traveling, working, and having a great time. Of course thats not till next year so I will give you more info on that when I have more to tell.

Oh, I also have a trial at a local bakery this coming saturday to work a few days a week as a cake decorator which if I am successful will be a great opportunity for me to improve my decorating skills and make me better at what I love to do. Did I mention that I enrolled on a evening cake decorating course at a local college in september so I have been attending that as-well, which has been a lot of fun and I continue to gain knowledge and experience that I so desperately need.

I guess I have my immediate future sorted out and I guess you cannot plan your whole life to the book, sometimes you just have to see where the world takes you. I guess Im just a bit of a control freak and like to know exactly what I am doing and when I am doing it or I get really anxious and feel sick. Thats something I have to work on and deal with and just let go of all those worries.

Any way enough of me blathering on, I am sure you have had enough, I will speak to you tomorrow with some exiting news I have to tell you :)

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow my youtube & twitter account:
Twitter - Rachel's Cake Company

Thanks again,
Rachel Ward

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