8 Mar 2013

25 Facts About Me! + A Few Extras!

So theres this tag going about on Youtube, and usually I don't really do tags, but this one I thought would be a good way for my viewers to get to know me a little better. So I sat down with my camera and recorded my very first tag! It was a lot of fun and you may now find me doing a few more of them in the future. However once I had recorded, edited and uploaded it I began to realise that there were more and more facts about myself that I completely forgot to mention, so instead of deleting it and making a new one (because I was quite pleased with how that one turned) I would instead let you know much more about me via my blog! sounds like a plan. So I will also post the original video at the end it you want to watch that I would be ever so grateful :)

I guess I'll start of with the facts I mentioned in the video, and then let you know about everything else.

Fact 1) I am left handed

Fact 2) I love the TV show Friends
Fact 3) My favorite characters are phoebe and joey

Fact 4) I have never broken a bone

Fact 5) My favourite season is winter

Fact 6) I Love the smell of coffee
Fact 7) But I don't like drinking it

Fact 8) I failed my driving test twice

Fact 9) Im a donor

Fact 10) I over thing EVERYTHING,

Fact 11) I have really bad anxiety

Fact 12) I love Food Network!

Fact 13) I spent summer of 2012 working in America at a summer camp

Fact 14) I love organising,
Fact 15) de cluttering and
Fact 16) Cleaning !!!!

Fact 17) I moved around a lot when I was a child

Fact 18) Im a cereal addict

Fact 19) The first game I ever completed was Super Mario! woohooo!

Fact 20) I collect everything.

Fact 21) I hate the number 4

Fact 22) The first series of books I ever read were Harry Potter

Fact 23) I love to read cookbooks, but rarely every follow the recipes in them

Fact 24) Im a bargain Hunter!

Fact 25) I love DIY!

So those were the facts I mentioned Im my video, but here are the extras for you special readers who come here too!

* I split my lip in have when I was 8 and had to go to A&E, I was crying because my new clothes were covered in blood and not because half my lip was hanging off (ewww). I still have a scar on my lip, its barely noticeable though!

* I had my appendix removed when I was 14. I have a scar from that too!

* I was an only child until I was 12, then my mum had a little baby girl and I became a big sister! She's 8 now and called Holly.

* I got a A* in Psychology in college, its the only A* I have ever got and I am so proud of that star :)

* I have a fear of mobile phones, well answering them mostly I cant answer a phone or talk calmly on the phone, even if its a person I know, I will get a sweaty and clammy and my heart starts to beat really fast :(

* I'm currently in my 2nd year at university studying Criminology, but the funny thing is I hate and and don't want to do anything In this field when I leave. I honestly don't know why I am there.

* I'm taking a gap year after uni (so 2014) and going to Australia for a year to work and hopefully find out what I actually want to do with my life! preferably meet a hunky Australian surfer ;)

* I love running, but people do say I run like Phoebe from Friends hahaha, oh well I enjoy it and thats all that counts, doesn't matter if I'm not the best.

* I am the worst singer ever, But I wish I could sing, and to be honest it doesn't stop me trying, my neighbours probably want to tear there ears out !

* I also have two guitars, and can plan a few chords but never really learned to play properly. Right now there just a decoration!

* I want to learn to surf! so bad! Hopefully I will this year and on my travels :)

So thats it, if you have any questions you want me to answer, just leave me a comment and I will be sure to answer it for you :) I hope you enjoyed reading those and maybe you can relate to some of them, if so let me know !

Heres the video for you guys who want to watch it:

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog, 
As always have a nice day,
Thank You,
Rachel Ward

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