17 Mar 2013

DIY: Vicks Shower Disks

I havent done a DIY in a while, and seeing as its flu season right now, these DIY vicks shower disks are just the remedy for a healthy recovery.

You will need:
Baking soda
muffin pan & liners

Lets get started:
Add 1/2 tub (1-2 cups) of baking soda to a bowl & add enough water to make a thick paste.
Next add 1/2 tub of vicks and stir together
Put a dollop of the mixture into each muffin liner
Leave to set overnight 12-18 hours
Pop out from the muffin tray and plop in the bottom of your shower.
Let the vapours do there work and vwolla! your sinuses are clear !

Video will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading,
See you next time,
Rachel Ward.

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