2 Mar 2013

Boring update, you really don't have look at this one !

I know i've neglected this blog for what seems like months, but i'm back with a vengeance and ready to roll! So I dont even remeber where I left off, but it was some time before chirstmas so lets start from then. A few things have changed since I last updated this blog and i'd like to talk about them. Firstly in October 2012, (I know it seems like along time ago) I got a new job, now when I say new what I really mean is I got A job. Don't me wrong I have had jobs before but they were all temporary or summer jobs, and this was my first consistent job. It's a part time night shift supermarket stacking shelves sort of job at a well known british supermarket called Sainsburys. And At first I was over the moon, loved it in fact! Had my own income and sense of responsibility, but soon the night shifts began to take there toll, and I am also on a full time university course so my attendance and grades were slowly slipping which is never a good thing. I began to resent the place and went into a state of mild depression whenever I knew I was working that night, I became unsociable and just blocked everyone out, I just felt like I was a slave to the supermarket and no matter how hard I worked it was never good enough. I was there for 5 months and realised I had holidays to take so thought it would be a good idea to just remove myself from there for a while and take a break. So that leads me to now,  I took three weeks holiday pay and I return on Saturday night which I am not looking forward to, and I know everyone hates there jobs but for me its just unbearable I cant study for uni, I have no social life and never see anyone. My shifts are ridiculas too I work Sat, Sun and Tuesday 11pm - 7am! Yeah its only 3 nights a week but because its nights it screws with my head and I sleep all day the following day so I basically have no weekend or mon, tue or wednesday. Like I said I'm also juggling uni on top of that Three days a week, and these next few months I have what seems like a heap load of essays, coursework and exams to study for which by the way I don't have a clue what there about (Majorly worried)! I think my best option is to quit work and focus solely on my uni degree, because at the end of the day education is more important than a part time job stacking shelves, its not like I want to do that for the rest of my life. NO WAY! I just get really worked up and stressed when it comes to confrontation and I dont know how to tell my managers I want to quit, as ive only been there for around 6months now. Any Advice?

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward

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