4 Mar 2013

Trek America!

Hi! So a couple of months ago I was deciding what to do with my summer this year, and there was only one thing that jumped right out at me and that my dear friends was to go on a trek across the good ol' USA!
So I got onto google and searched pages and pages of different companies and organisations offering different treks and deals but something about this company stood right out. Firstly it was safe I knew that because it was recommended by Camp America, which is a very trusted organisation, so I knew I wouldn't be the victim of fraud. Secondly the website was so welcoming and easy to navigate, I knew where to look and what to look for there were various options to choose from and the lists of treks available were extravanget. Starting from a 4 day trek leading right up to a 64 day trek they had something for everyone which I found very intriguing.
I knew I wanted to go away for a long period of time and so started to look into treks which lasted a month or longer, then write down a list of all the places I wanted to visit and found a few treks that seemed perfect. Now the only thing I had to do was pick one, and this was actually the hardest decision I had to make.

Heres the list of treks I had shortlisted:

1. Trailblazer - 64 day trek

2. Coast To Coast South - 35 day trek

3. Americana Road Trip - 28 day trek

After much deliberation and scribbling things down I came to my final decision, and that was the Coast to coast south trek. I at first was set on the Trailblazer but It was rather more expensive and although I would have been able to afford it i would Rather do the 35 day Trek and not have to worry about money issues and weather or not I would be able to afford to do many of the activities that were on offer. You see I want to go there and do as much as i possibly can without having to hold back because I cannot afford it. So that is what sold me on the Coast to coast south trek.

Ok, so lets go into more detail about the trek itself:

Heres what the website tells us:

Tour Overview
Experience everything from the down-home charm of the deep South to the canyons and national parks of the desert Southwest, from the beaches and attractions of Florida in the East to the nightlife and wildlife of the West. Discover the South and Southwest, up-close and personal, while traversing seventeen states.
Included Highlights:

Evening illumination visit to Washington DC monuments
  • New Orleans' Bourbon Street
  • San Antonio's Riverwalk
  • Alien spotting in Roswell
  • Scenic walks and hikes
  • Sightseeing in Charleston, St. Augustine, Miami, Florida Keys, Santa Fe and San Diego
  • National parks and monuments - Carlsbad Caverns, Mesa Verde, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion
  • City tours of Las Vegas & Hollywood
  • Louisiana Swamp tour
  • Services of a TrekAmerica tour leader
  • All transportation by private adventure vehicle
  • 29 nights camping & equipment (except sleeping bag)

I have also took a screenshot of the price list for 2013 if anyone is interested in the price of this trek:

Bear in mind this trek does not include flights, but flights can be booked with the Trek America company (which is what I did) And to be honest the flights were pretty reasonable, for a return flight from London - Newark, then from LAX - London it was aprox £700 for June, This was booked with Trek America but the flight comany was British Airways. 

So I now, have my trek and flights booked and all I need now is to get organised with packing and essential bits and bobs.

I recorded a video if anyone is interested in watching that It explains things in a little more depth:

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or queries just let me know and I will be more than happy to answer them!
have a good day,
Thank You.

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