20 May 2013

Decorating Made Easy With 'Just Bake'

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent some cake decorating products by JustBake that made making, creating and decorating cupcakes a whole lot easier yet still had that 'WOW' factor that every great baker loves to hear.

Butterfly Sprinkles...
These sprinkles include a mixture or white, pink and yellow mini sugar butterflies that can be used to top cakes, cupcakes, biscuites or whatever takes your fancy. Me...I used them to decorate a batch of cupcakes which I will show you later in the post. They are so simple to use and can transform what was a plain cupcake into something all your family will be fighting over. They are small yet unlikely to break or snap as not one in the entire package was broken in transit which is defiantly a plus if you ask me as one of the worst things that can happen is for your decorations to break before you even have chance to use them. Not a problem with Just bakes Butterfly Sprinkles.

Pink Flower Cupcake Decorations...
These Pink flower cupcake decorations are somewhat '3D' and have a lovely white detail in the centre of the flower. These are designed to top cupcakes although there not exclusively for cupcakes alone and of course can be used for other desserts and baking goods! I did use these for the cupcakes I made and they were perfect and so simple, they are a perfect alternative if you have limited time to create the perfect cupcake and instead of spending hours rolling out fondant or making gum paste to create your own flowers, simply spent less than 30 seconds opening the bag of pre made decorations and place them on your cupcakes! 

Cupcake Wrappers...
Just Bake were kind enough to send me not one pack but two packets of cupcake wrappers in two different designs. The first ones are Pink Geometric Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers and the second Beautiful butterfly Cupcake Wrappers. If you havent come across cupcake wrappers before they are kind of like muffin cases but instead of pouring your cake batter directly into the wrapper I baked my cupcakes in basic cases and once baked and cooled I assembled the wrappers and dropped one cupcake into each wrapper which immediately gave great results. The wrappers allow room to ice and buttercream the tops of your cupcakes without any spillage or buttercream drooping down the sides which is a brilliant little advantage to using these wrappers as oppose to just a cupcake case. They also have a variety of different wrappers for all different occasions so if pink butterflies aren't your thing then im sure you will find something you like among there many other options. 

So I made a basic vanilla cupcake filled it with caramel and topped it with a pink vanilla buttercream, which alone would have been delicious but not visually spectacular and with these few items I was able to do just that and turn these plain looking cupcakes into cupcakes that looked like they belonged in the window of a bakery. Using the cupcake wrapper and sprinkles has been a revelation in my baking life and has made decorating a quicker experience for when I have little time to complete a job but still looks like I spent a lot of time decorating.

 Video Demonstration:

Thank you so much to JustBake.co.uk for your kindness and generosity in sending me these products and I can say I have true-fully enjoyed using them and will defiantly be making some purchases from you soon.

These cupcakes went down really well at a party I was hosting and everyone wanted more.

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward


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  1. These cupcakes are BEAUTIFUL. Let me know if you make red velvet ones!I love those :)

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