6 May 2013

Quote of the day 2

I've recently been so motivated to go out and do things with my life instead of wasting the days away watching reruns on Friends on TV and whenever I read a quote that pulls a string in my heart or sparks a lightbulb in my brain I get more and more exited for what the future has to offer. Maybe thats because for once in my life I actually have the next few years of my life somewhat planned out and I know what I want to do and hopefully I can turn these dreams into reality. Firstly next month im talking a road trip or 'trek' as its know across the USA from New York to LA and im so exited to experience all these new things that America has to offer. When I return to sunny England (sarcasm) I will be completing my final year at university *Yippie* and simultaneously working a part time job to save fro my big adventure which I've been planning for some time now. After uni is done I plan to fly across the world to Australia to work and travel for 1 year minimum and see what life has to offer, be spontaneous and do things I've never done before. 

So go out into the world and do the things you've always wanted to do. Dont let people or obstacles get in your way, not matter now long something takes always remember that it doesn't matter when you get there just as long as you arrive. 

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward

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