12 Mar 2012

DIY - Denim Jean Shorts...

I went into Topshop the other day to have a little browse and saw they had a lovely pair of cut of denim shorts that I was so tempted to buy, that was until I saw the price tag. £35.00 for a pair of shorts, I don't think so. There is no way in this world that I would pay £35 for a pair of shorts, thats absolutely ridiculas.

So that leads me to my next DIY project. I took a pair of old jeans I already had, well when I say old, there not that old i've just grown in the last couple of months and there too short haha, so I'll turn them into shorts :) waste not want not !

Heres a little video tutorial to show you in basic steps how to create your own denim shorts without spending a penny;

Thanks for reading/watching
Rachel (Catalow333)

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