3 Mar 2012

Mothers Day Gift Ideas...

So as you all know Mother's day is quickly approaching us, and if your racking your brain trying to come up with some wonderful gift to get your mum that will out do all others mothers day gifts then look no further.

There are so many things out there that it can be difficult to select that perfect gift, I have devised 3 lists of ideas which are categorized into 'Traditional Gifts', 'unusual/unique gifts' and 'Sentimental Gifts', so depending on your mothers personality and lifestyle you can choose the best gift for her.

Lets begin with sentimental gifts:

  • Photo Album/Frame - This is a really inexpensive yet brilliant gift idea. Simply pick up a beautiful photo album and fill it with photographs of your mums children/grandchildren, she will then have the album to cherish forever, when her kids leave her and move away she will have the memories of her children in this beautiful album that your created for her which makes it extra special. 
  • Mugs - Huge coffee mugs are always a must-have in our house and my mother in particular is a sucker for a great mug, this time of year stores are selling mugs with lovely messages or poems engraved into them. Alternatively if your are a creative person you can buy a blank mug from most haberdashery stores and using dishwasher safe pens you can design your own mug, create your own message or simply make a beautiful pattern. 

  • Personalized Hamper - I know loads of companies create these for mothers day, but most are quite expensive and will most probably contain products that your mother will never use, making your own enables to add products you know she love and will use, its also comes form the heart and is a great way to say, 'I love you'. Of course over mother is different so depending on her hobbies and lifestyle will depend on what goes into her hamper, here are a few examples of different items you could add: 
Candles, every woman loves a good smelling candle and your mum is no exception, candles range in prices from high end candles costing up to £20.00 a jar to less expensive candles ranging from £1-£5.

Wine/Alcohol, A nice bottle of bubbly, or her favorite rose will be sure to make her smile.

Chocolates, What woman doesn't live chocolates, even if she says, 'Ohh I'm on a diet don't be getting me any chocolates', she secretly means, 'Please get me a nice box of caramels' that I wont feel bad for eating because they were a gift. 

Think about her hobbies, What does she like to do in her spare time ? Incorporate her hobbies into to hamper for that extra special touch. Eg, if she likes to read, find out who her favorite author is and put a few of their books in along, does she like to garden? if so add a few packets of her favorite flower seeds, If she's a avid baker/cook buy a cookbook from her favorite chef.

Smellies, bath salts, shower gel, relaxing bubble bath, the list is endless. She will be sure to love anything from Lush or The Body Shop, both do Mothers Day limited edition products. 

Moving onto Unusual/Unique Gifts:

  • Zorbing - Involves being rolled around in a giant inflatable ball and being pushed down a hill, a great gift if your mum is an adrenaline junkie or loves the outdoors and being active, maybe this ones not for those mothers who prefer to stay indoors. Zorbing is priced fairly reasonably at £39.50 for 2 people. 

  • Spa/Pamper Day - Every woman loves to be pampered and your mum is no exception. There are hundreds of different spa treatments out there ranging in prices, here are my top 5 spa treatments for mothers:
1) Yummy Mummy Spa Day - £ 80.00
2)Hot Stones Massage - £95.00
3) Time For You At Dove Spa - £79.00
4) Garra Rufa Fish Therapy - £30.00
5) Flotation Tank therapy - £49.00

  • Hot Air Ballon Ride - Although a hot air ballon ride is on the expensive side of things, it is well worth the extra money, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that your mother will keep with her for the rest of her life. A hot air ballon ride will set you back £315 for 2 people. 

  • Indoor skydiving - This is not your typical mothers day gift, but thats what makes it all the better. It's not something they would expect to receive as a gift and its probably not something they ever imagined doing. If your mother is the sort of person who says 'Ohh I'd love to do that, or 'Ohh I'd love to do this', then no doubly they want to do this. A indoor skydive is one of the cheaper experiences costing only £49.00 each 

Last but not least Traditional Gifts:

  • Flowers - Don't go for the typical 'Mothers Day Flowers' you would find in your local supermarket, instead be creative go down to your local garden store and find a beautiful houseplant that has more character and life that a bunch of flowers that will only die within a week, e.g. 
     Orchid ...

Clivia Miniata...

  • Chocolates - As I've already mentioned all women love chocolates, now Thornton's are currently doing a mothers day special, in which you can customize your own box of chocolates with all your mothers favorite chocolates, additionally they allow you to customize the box with a photograph and message. This is a brilliant gift idea for all those sweet toothed mothers out there. The Thornton's 'Create Your Own' box retails for £14.00, which is pretty reasonable considering the price of Thornton's chocolates in general. 
  • Perfume - Take caution when buying perfume, be sure you know what scents she likes, there's nothing worse than spending a considerable about of money of a perfume which she is not going to wear, so just be careful when selecting and make sure you know what your looking for. 
  • Jewelry - 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' but of course no ones expecting you to go out and buy your mum a diamond for mothers day, but have a look at the type of jewelry she wears on a day to day basis, buy her something she's familiar with, something you know she will wear over and over, a piece of jewelry thats so versatile it will go with anything. There's nothing worse than having a beautiful piece of jewelry and never having the right outfit the wear with it.  
This first item is on the high end of the price range, its a Tiffany's sterling silver 'mum' heart locket on a chain, for £445 
 This second item is also a little expensive, but cheaper than Tiffany's, and its the Pandora simply hearts complete bracelet costing £150

And the third item is the most affordable piece costing £59.99, from Argos. It is a beautiful heart pendant with 4 engraved flowers and a message reading 'Flowers for mummy' this would be the perfect gift for a younger son/daughter to give their mum.

  • Card - Very Importantly don't forget a card, Make sure its heart wrenching and pick it out with care, don't buy the first one you pick up, have a browse find one that will tug at those heartstrings. 
So there you have it my complete guide to picking out the perfect mothers day gifts. I hope it has helped you or given you some inspiration about buying for your mum.

Im always interested in the perfect gifts for all occasions, so if you are a mum what was the best gift your received from your children? If your a son/daughter what was the best gift you ever gave to your mum for mothers day?

Thanks For Reading
Rachel (Catalow333)


  1. I usually give my mom a mug every year so I'm definitely gonna have to switch things up this year!



    1. Really :) Me too, you can't go wrong with a good mug. :) How about getting her a nice piece of jewelry, something she will cherish forever ? I haven't got my mum anything yet but Im going shopping next week and hopefully I'l find the perfect gift for her then :)