15 Mar 2012

I've been placed with Camp America

Last year I applied for Camp America but ran into a few exam clashes which meant I sadly couldn't go. This year however it was all steams ahead I was determined to get a place. I attended the recruitment fair in Manchester in January but unfortunately had no luck, I was starting to lose faith, that was until I arrived home this evening and checked my emails and low and behold I had a email from Camp America to say I have been placed! I know I was freaking out with all my emotions running riot from excitement to fear to being completely terrified.

I still cannot believe it that in nearly three months time I will be working in America, this is literally a dream come true for me and I think I am so nervous because this is something I have wanted to do for a really really long time. 

I also have paid my final installments and I am now waiting for my visa embassy letter to come through the post so I can book an appointment at the American embassy in London. Ohh its all happening so fast and Im really exited to meet everyone :) 

Thanks For Reading


  1. Congratualations! :) It sounds really exciting, I'm sure you will have a great time!

  2. Thank you! I am really exited and cannot wait.