3 Oct 2012

Christmas is just around the corner...

It's only three months till christmas and already I'm getting that christmas feeling, I'm looking forward to baking christmas cookies and cupcakes and cake pops and after spending hours on Pinterest looking through various holiday boards it gave me a few inspirational tips and ideas for the upcoming holidays. I will be baking these closer to christmas and along with that I will post recipe guides and video tutorials along with step by step photographs taking you through the whole process of baking and decorating these desserts, but for now, heres a little sneak peak as to whats to come in the following weeks leading up to christmas! 

Cakepops -
I've make cake pops in the past, but to make and theme them in a festive way never crossed my mind until now, Using inspiration from traditional christmas characters I am going to create some unique cake pops that resemble reindeer, snowmen, and christmas puddings and more! Here are some visual examples: 

Christmas pudding cake balls - These are not really cake 'pops' but more like balls of cake, lets call them cake balls! They are make the same way as cake pops but without the stick and dipped in white chocolate to resemble the icing on a Christmas pudding then topped of with a jelly bean to add some fun colour. (full recipe will come closer to christmas) 

Rudolph the red nose cake pop - This is such a fun and quirky cake pop that I couldn't possibly not bake it this christmas, the red nose is make with a M&M or similar red sweet and the brown pipe cleaner creates the unique reindeer antlers, these are a perfect gift as they are wrapped in clear plastic wrap to keep them clean, bake a batch of these and give them to a friend or neighbour (thats my plan anyway) 

Snowmen cake pops - I love this cake pop with the cute Rolo chocolate hat its the perfect christmas time treat. This is make dipped into white melted chocolate and set with a Rolo chocolate on top, alternatively if you don't have Rolo's you can top the snowmen of with Oreo biscuits for a similar effect. The inside of these cake pops can be anything you want them to be, for me I think i'm going to fill them with a vanilla cake, and popping candy for a extra surprise. 

Christmas tree brownie pops - This is such a cool creation I don't know why i never though about it before, its a basic brownie mix baked, then cut into triangle, decorated with green frosting and red sweets to create a Christmas tree effect. A candy cane is then inserted into the bottom of the cake for a extra little treat, its also visually more appealing. 

Christmas Cookies -
Cookies and christmas go together like toast and butter, its a match made in heaven! Therefore of course I will be baking cookies like a mad lady this coming christmas, I have so many ideas that I don't think I will be able to make them all but here are a few of my all time favourite christmas cookie ideas:

The melting snowman - This cookie reminds me of the bath ballistic they sell in lush and thats what first interested me in this cookie, its a simple butter cookie on the base then topped with water icing, a marshmallow is them placed on top and detail is added with writing icing. You could have fun with this cookie and create a variety of unique snowmen.

Christmas trees& snowflakes - These are so cute and using festive cookie cutters you are guaranteed that each cookie will be exactly the same size which is a plus if your giving these aways as gifts. The pastel colours of these cookies are so pretty that I don't think I would want to eat them but just stare at them forever or hang them on my tree ! 

Christmas Cupcakes -
Yay! I saved the best for last, I love baking cupcakes and with so many festive spices and flavours, the best way to incorporate them is in a cupcake, from chocolate and orange to apple and cinnamon, theres a christmas cupcake for everyone. 

Gingerbread cupcake - The cupcake is adorable, make with a ginger cake, topped with vanilla butter cream and then a mini gingerbread man is placed on top of this cute little christmas time snack! 

Holly cupcake - So easy, yet so effective this chocolate cupcake is topped with vanilla bean buttercream then using jelly sweets its decorated to resemble a holly branch. To make this cupcake even more indulgent it can be filled with chocolate gnash in the middle, so when someone takes a bite, they will get a mouthful of gooey runny chocolate! 

Nutella, hazelnut cupcake - I know this doesn't look very christmasy but for me a Ferrero Rocher is a typical christmas treat so resembling it in a cupcake was perfect. Its a basic chocolate cupcake with a Nutella buttercream frosting then topped with a Ferrero Rocher. 

Caramel cupcake - Ahhh. Heaven in a cupcake is all I can say. I've always been a huge fan of caramel and nothing can take my love away from it so combining it with a cupcake just seemed to good to be true. It probably have like a zillion calories but ahh well, its a one of and what the hell its christmas, indulge yourself! This cupcake is a caramel cupcake filled with dulche le leche then topped with a caramel buttercream (don't worry a full recipe will come soon when I make this cupcake).

That's it for now, but no doubt i will think of more things to bake before christmas comes and when I don't you will be the first to know. 


  1. I can't wait to see your cake pop recipes and have a go at making them! Would you believe I've never heard of cake pops before?! I love your melting snowman cookie...I always make a 'quirky' Christmas cake (one year was an igloo with penguins outside, one year was Santa with long arms and legs 'hugging' the cake...I'll have to show you the photos!) and I might make this year's cake based on your melted snowman!! Excited!! X

    1. oh really??? thats so cool I wold love to see those pictures :) I am really exited to get into the christmas spirit. The melting snowmen are also my favourite, I think its because there so simple and yet look great :)

  2. Lovely cake-pops and cupcakes ! Cool ideas and new inspiration for me :))