15 Oct 2012

Jelly Oranges

This is a good'en people! Like most of my recipes its really quick and easy and costs only penny's to make. At first glance it just looks like ordinary orange segment, but look closer guys, this is no ordinary orange. Oh no, this is one half of a party time classic, yep thats right its JELLY! (or jello if your from America). 

1) 2-3 oranges
3) Jelly (any flavour)

1) Cut oranges in half and scoop out the middle
2) Make up jelly as directed on packet and pour into orange halves
3) Put in fridge overnight
4) Once set slice into segments and enjoy !

If your more of a visual person, then worry not I've also make a step by step video to help you out:

That's it, its so visually intriguing and i'm sure it will be a hit at any children's birthday party's, or use red jelly and add some gummy worms to the middle for a halloween take on it, it will be sure to impress the guests at any halloween party you may be planning. I hope you have fun experimenting with different colours and flavours, no matter how you make them, they will always come out great.

Thank you and have a nice day,
Rachel Ward


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, they were delicious aswell, im going to be making more for an upcoming party :)

  2. Hi.And thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog .Nice to hear you like what you see :) Jello in oranges is a cool party-trick and the children love it ( mine did anyway ) .