14 Oct 2012

Easy Marshmallow Fondant

This has been a revelation in my life over the past few weeks, and I thought I would share it with you. I've always used store bought fondant to cover cakes with in the past and although its always worked out great, it always became hard and grainy also with many store bought fondants they contains many additives and preservatives to help keep there shelf life. Now I've found the solution to using that store bought fondant, a homemade fondant made with marshmallow and it only contains three ingredients. 

1) A bag of marshmallows (big or small it doesn't matter) 
2) Icing sugar (1 packet)
3) Food colouring 

1) Add 2 cups of marshmallows into a microwaveable safe bowl, add a couple of drops of water to the marshmallows until they are all damp (Not soaked)

2) Put the damp marshmallows in the microwave on 10 second intervals until they puff up and easily stir into a goo with a wooden spoon (grease your wooden spoon with a little butter) 

3) Add your food colouring to the melted marshmallows and stir until you get the colour you desire 

4) Start folding the icing sugar into the marshmallow goo until it resembles a soft and fluffy dough

5) Grease your hands with butter and turn the dough out onto a surface sprinkled with icing sugar and kneed the dough until it is stiff enough to roll out (if things get quite sticky just add more icing sugar, if things get to stiff just add a little butter to the dough) 

6) Once the fondant is stiff enough to roll out, you are done! Now all you have to do it cover a cake with your fabulous marshmallow fondant. 

To store your fondant wrap them in greased cling film, plastic wrap or ziplock bags, This fondant will have a shelf life of three or four months, if you've stored your marshmallow fondant and its become quite stiff it can be softened up by kneading a bit of butter into it and putting it in the microwave or 2-3 seconds at a time. 

This is a great alternative to store bought fondant as its cheaper to make and delicious, also you know exactly what has gone into it.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day,
Rachel Ward 

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  1. Hi there! Oh my gosh! I love your blog. Promised I would stop by. You have so many recipes and amazing ideas! I just might be hooked!