24 Oct 2012

Thrifted Frames

I love a good charity shop, especially when I find loads of bargains, and recently I've been finding loads of amazing little trinkets and bits and bobs which I plan to use them in upcoming DIY's and projects. Today I'm going to show you how to turn old picture frames into brilliantly unique and useful cork boards, prefect for the kitchen.
You will need:
1) Old frames, any size, shape, design, or quality.
2) Cork board (can be bought at your local craft store)
3) Paint / spray paint (any colour you want to frame to be)
4) Hot glue gun / superglue / no more nails 

Lets get started:
1) Ok, so the first thing you need to do is remove any old photographs or glass that are in your frames, so all your left with is the basic wooden frame
2) Once your left with your basic frame, it time to paint it whatever colour you want, I went for a white, but its totally our decision here. Basically all you do is paint the entire frame evenly or if your using spray paint make sure everywhere is covered with the paint and there are no uneven surfaces. 
3) Leave the painted frame to dry for 3-4 hours 
4) Take your cork board and glue it to the back of the now dry frame, if the cork board is to big, just cut it to size with a handsaw.
5) Once your cork board is glued securely to the frame all you have to do is hand it up on your wall and get pinning. 

There are loads of different things you can do with a old frame, and this is just one of them. Here are a list of other DIY old frame projects you can have a go at: (If theres something you like the sound of, then leave me a comment and I will post a DIY/how to instructional post for it:
  • Frame that shelf
  • Dry erase frame 
  • Framed chalk board 
  • Framed magnetic memo board
  • Mini frame key hangers
  • Framed fabric wall art
  • Old frame tray
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to recycle your old photo frames and turn them into something amazing. If you have any other ideas for recycling frames them please leave it in a comment so we can all benefit from it, thank you. 

Have a good day,
Rachel Ward

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