10 Apr 2013

10 Healthy Snacks...to enjoy guilt free

Everyone wants to eat healthy and keep fit, but sometimes our sweet tooth craves something the total opposite and all it want is sugar sugar sugar. So to satisfy that craving need and not sway towards the dreaded chocolate aile I have put together a list of snacks that will do just that and are totally guilt free!

1. Air Popped Popcorn

2. Fruit Smoothies

3. Low Fat Yogurt

4. Granola Bars

5. Low Fat Jelly

6. Parfait

7. Peanut Butter

8. Frozen Yogurt

9. Banana Chips

10. Frozen Grapes

So there you have it, If theres another 'guilt free' snack that you enjoy dont forget to leave it in a comment and share it with everyone.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your next snack,
Rachel Ward


  1. I didn't want to decourage you from buying that texturizing spray :) It might work better if I didn't straighten my hair, I am going to try that soon :) The spray might work differently on whatever type of hair you use it on - I have also read people about people who loved it! :) I think you should try it out - it might as well be perfect for your type of hair :)

  2. these things are all yummi!! :) the worst thing is that even if they are healthier I always want to eat more of them :D