21 Apr 2013

Euh! Revision Sucks!

Hi Guys, I have two exams next month, the 3rd and 7th of may to be exact and I am freaking out right now! I am 100% certain that Im going to fail these two exams and have absolutely no idea what Im supposed to be studying.

As you may or may not know I hate university, especially the course im doing which makes it even more difficult for me to revise for something I despise.

Anyhow I dont want to fail and as much as I hate it im going to give it my best shot even though my uni is awful and I feel like they havent prepared me (or the rest of my course mates) for these exams.

Im in my 2nd year doing Criminology, so if theres a lovely person out there who has any idea what Im supposed to be studying I would much appreciate some advice, as I literally have no idea.

The only thing that is getting me through is the selection of coloured pens I have to work with. I know im easily amused, but I find working in blue or black ink to be a bore and to liven up this awful time im going to inject some color into my revision.

Sorry about this post, its nearly as boring as my revision, and to be honest im now procrastinating so I better get back to it :(

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck,
Rachel Ward.

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