14 Apr 2013

DIY: Dreamcatcher

I've always been fascinated by dreamcatchers, the way that each one is different and no two are identical, what they symbolise and the individuality of every one. So I though I would make some of my own and in doing so I created a little step by step video guide tutorial thing to help you get a grip on the technique of creating your own dreamcatchers! Enjoy; 

I really hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and dont forget to let me know if you make a dreamcatcher :) 

Thanks for reading/watching,
Rachel ward 


  1. Years ago I had a few dream catchers in the house. I love them too! I've seen a few kits lately and thought it might be fun to try my hand at it.

  2. I've always loved dreamcatchers! I used to have pink one but I lost it :( Never thought to make one myself tho! So cool :)