12 Apr 2013

Review: Sun In Hair Lightener

I have been using Sun In (super) on my hair now for over 3 years and thought it was time I gave a little review of this product as I have used it a lot, and like everything it does come with its good points and bad points. So if your thinking of lightening your hair but are unsure if Sun In is the right product for you then hopefully this information will help you come to a final decision about weather or not to try it out. 

Here in England we only have two versions of Sun In. A gentle version or a super version. I cannot give you my opinion of the gentle version as I have never used it. I always opt for the Super version as I want maximun results. Sun In is basically a spray in hair lightener for all year round lightening, so you just spray it all over your hair and let the sun do its magic or if your like me and dont like in a sunny climate drag out the hairdryer and dry your hair making sure the dryer is on its hottest temperature. The more times you spray your hair the lighter it will get. You can buy Sun In in any drug stores and most supermarkets, I picked this bottle up from Boots for £5.77. 

Sun in contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide which is basically a bleach and thats the ingredient that gives actually lightens your hair, because of this a pair of plastic gloves are included in the box to make sure none of the 'bleach' gets on your hands, but honestly I have never used the gloves and my hands are fine, you will need to wash your hands after using the sun in but I find the gloves a bit of a pain in the back side because trying to squirt the bottle into your hair using slippery plastic gloves is never a good idea. An instruction leaflet is also included in the box, its nothing to interesting just giving you tips on how to apply the product. One bottle of Sun In should last between 5-10 applications depending on how long your hair is and how much you spray into your hair. I would suggest not using sun in any more than twice a week. For me I would typically use it maybe once or twice every two weeks depending on how my hair looks and feels. 

My natural hair colour is between blonde and light brown, and after using Sun In it lighted it up considerably, and continues to lighten it every time I use it. I use Sun In after I wash and brush my hair, then spray it in my wet hair focusing on the roots of my head and massaging it in with my finger to make sure its evenly distributed, I will also turn my head upside down and spray the back of my head and tips of my hair. After I feel likes its even all over my hair I DO NOT BRUSH IT, but grab my blowdryer on its hottest setting and dry away my whole head making sure the roots of my head dry first and then my whole head. Once its dried the results are immediate, I will then brush my hair once its dried and vwolla! 

The good points:
  • Immediate blonde hair without the waiting around, just spray it in. Simple. 
  • Sun In is not as harsh to your hair as a typical blonde hair dye.
  • One bottle can be used multiple times and its very inexpensive. One bottle is usually under £6.
  • You can create highlights, or pick and choose strands of hair you want to lighten, and you are in control of how light you want your hair to be.

However like I said there are some drawbacks to this product, 
  • Firstly if you have very dark brown, black or gray hair then its not recommended that you use this product to lighted your hair as there is a possibility of it turning orange. However if you do have doubt you can always do a test patch on the underneath of your hair before committing to your whole head. 
  • Secondly if you have recently had a perm or have color teated hair then again its not recommended you use Sun In. However I have head of people dying there hair blonde and using Sun In with no problems, but others have found it turns there hair an orangey/coppery colour.
  • Thirdly Sun In dried out your hair a lot! I have experienced this, and have found a way to counteract the dryness, using a selection of leave-in conditioners and hair masks help a lot. 

But other than that I cannot rave about this product enough. like I said I have been using it for aprox three years and cannot live without it. I would go as far as saying its my holy grail product in the hair and beauty world.

So if you want that beach surfer hair, without paying the air fair pick up a bottle from your local drugstore and get spraying!

If you have any questions/queries about this product or want to know something I have not mentioned then please let me know in the comments section and I will be sure to get back to you with a reply.

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward


  1. Rachel, I would love to see some pictures of your hair to see what it looks like please.

  2. Hi Rachel, I've been using sun in super for over a year now and like you I'm obsessed. I'm wondering if you still use this where you get it from? I seem to find it out of stock everywhere now and no one seems to sell it anymore. Even on sun ins American website its not on there. Any help would be fab cause I'm going crazy with out it!!!

  3. I bought some from Amazon. It was shipped from the US for some reason. Yet to try it out...

    1. The bottle looks very different. It's yellow, they were selling pink ones too. I assume it's just different fragrance.

  4. Does anyone know the difference between the usa version and uk version?