9 Apr 2013

Sperrys Boat shoes...

So for the past few days I have been frantically searching the web for a pair of boat shoes I saw on Pinterest. After finally tracking down the designer and brand name I found that these shoes I was madly in love with were called Sperrys. But after pages and pages of Google searches I couldn't find the exact colour and style that I initially saw and became obsessed with which were called the Angelfish coral stripe. (Heres a photo of them below)

They are so beautiful and it just makes me so sad that I found out they were discontinued about two months ago ! Why? what did I do wrong to be punished like this, it makes me so sad that the one pair I want are no longer available. To be honest things like this always happen to me, so I shouldn't be surprised. 

Anyway one good thing did come out of this web search and I found another two pairs that (wait for it) are available in the UK ! and have not been discontinued! Yippie! However with all good news come bad news, and in this case its the price. They are roughly around £80 a pair. Which is on the higher side of my budget but are totally worth it after reading the many reviews people have posted. I am most probably not going to purchase the two pairs but will pick one and thats where you my lovely readers come it. I need your help to decide which pair to go for because to be quite honest I cannot decide. 

Ok, so the first pair are called Sperry Angelfish Gold Glitter:

I really like the gold detailing on both sides of these shoes and the shimmery lace tie adds a little extra twist to the original. 

The second pair are called Sperry Angelfish Oat Linen:

These one are pretty similar colour however have no gold or glitter and are more versatile, they have oat coloured canvas sides and tongue and will go with absolutely any outfit I put together.  

So my dilema is I simple. I cannot choose between both pairs and need your help! Any advice or personal preferences would be greatly appreciated in helping me reach my final decision. 

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward

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