5 Apr 2013

Spring Style-List

I thought I would make a list, because lists and me, well we kind of go together like cheese and crackers, and whats life without lists hey? I couldn't even imagine it. So seeing as spring is closely approaching us, well living in England when I say spring what I really mean is winter minus the snow we do however get the odd day when there are no clouds and everyone parades around wearing virtually no clothes when it still reads -5 degrees outside, it is quite funny to sit back and people watch on days like this. The sights you see...

Anyway let me get back on topic, so lists, yeah today Im going to make a some what of a fashion 'wish list' type thing. For a bunch of stuff that I most probably wont buy because lets face it im not made of money but maybe just maybe I might treat myself to one or two of them.

Without further ado, lets get crack-a-lacking!
Bear in mind the majority of things on my list of mine are shoes...oppss... I guess you could say I have maybe just a little bit of an addition to shoes.

1. These shoes are so simple, I really like the navy outline to the slipper, its a real contrast to the softer gray/white stripe of the main shoe.

2. Brogues are my favorite, There really elegant and timeless. These two toned brogues are brilliant especially the mixture of brown traditional leather and more contemporary black suede.   

3. I really love this california laid back style and these vans are perfect for those days surfing by the beach. This greenish/blueish colour I havent ever seen before but I think these are the perfect pair of vans!

4. This dress is so pretty, POLKADOTS! thats all I can say about this, Im a huge fan of the polkadot design, and the leather jacket gives it a rock-chic edge.

5. These shoes are so cute, they remind me of something I cant quite put my finger on. But they are so pretty none the less. They are like a broughy/boat shoe hybrid. 

6. What! this is a woman's best friend, theres a space for everything and everything has a space. Comes in so many different colours to.

7. This ear ring is so elegant and pretty, defiantly a must have. 

8. This dress, cardigan and bag combination is pure genius. Love it, defiantly going to recreate it myself. 

9. Oh My Goodness! These socks are the cutest socks I think I have ever seen in my 20 years! 

10. Moccasins, I cant get enough of them! Look. so soft and comfy. 

11. These slipper style shoe type things! dont really know what to call them but it doesn't even matter they are so gorgeous. 

12. More shoes, boat shoes this time! I dont know what it is about me and boat shoes but there is something in my head that keeps me buying them, maybe its because they are just so awesome.

13. This bag would be perfect for a long haul flight or trip to the supermarket. I do love a big bag and the interior is always as important as the exterior and this bag does not disappoint, look at those stripes.

14. More socks, I just couldn't not include these there so cute, the colour and the lace top. 

15. This entire outfit is perfection! love the socks and boots combination with the summer dress and thick knit cardigan. 

16. Chelsea boots. I have been eyeing these up for a few years know but still havent managed to actually get my hands on a pair. One day...

17. This jacket. Oh my! beautiful. simply beautiful.

18. I love these satchel bags and have two already but never have I seen green or blue ! Defiantly a must have for spring.

19. Haha this made me laugh when I first saw it because its defiantly the opposite of me, Im a bit of a stress freak and hate being late for anything. Maybe if I buy this watch it will help me relax a bit more.

20. I am in love with this watch the rose gold and grey contrasting colours are so unique and beautiful  I have to have this but no doubt it is way out of my price range. 

21. I have so many backpacks and this one needs to be in my collection. Never have I seen lace on a backpack of this style. Its so pretty.

22. So its sort of like a satchel style bag in what seems to be suede  The top pattern is what drew me to this bag though. Perfection.

23. More moccasins. Simple and stylish ! 

24. I love this aztek prink backpack. Yep I can just see myself wearing this all spring/summer.

25. Another watch. This one reminds me of something you would find at urban outfitters, so unique and stylish.

26. This bag. I need it! I love how the red bag is vibrant against the grey tones of the cardigan and skirt. 

27. More boat shoes. These one are a bit more casual and I think would go perfect with some denim shorts.

28. Such a beautiful dress. Need I say any more.

Well thats my list complete, If I could I would buy everything of this list right now, hope you enjoyed this little blog post and if theres something in my list you like please let me know Its always nice to know your styles and fashions.

Thanks for reading,
Rachel Ward

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