18 Apr 2013

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids Detangling Spray

I may be 20 but that doesn't mean I can't use this product. In fact I have found this detangling spray to be a lifesaver, literally. My hair is so difficult to brush when I get out of the shower, I will brush and brush it but somehow this seems to add tangles rather than remove them, so I went on a hunt for a selection of leave in conditioners and hair de-tanglers and came across this, and boy am I happy that I did. 

I literally get out of the shower, towel dry my hair and spray between 10-15 squirts of this stuff all over my head (mostly focusing on the middle to tips) then take a normal hairbrush, I use a paddle brush and brush through my hair, and the brush just glides through without a single glitch or tangle, its like magic! 
And best of all it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Its like a mixture of strawberries and kiwi fruits. It leaves my hair feeling and smelling fantastic and there shouldn't be a rule to say its just for kids because quite frankly its the best detangler I have ever used. 

So the next time your in a drugstore and looking for something to tame your tangles, have a look down the kids ailse and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find, plus the children's products are usually almost a fraction of the price, so you saving money along the way. 

Good Points:
- Smells Amazing
- Works like magic
- Cheaper than average adult detangler
- No artificial colours

Bad Points:
- I cannot think of any bad points to this product only thats its specifically targeted towards kids, and so maybe your average adult probably would walk past it without giving it a second glance. 

Thanks for reading my review of the Schwarzkopt Supersoft Kids Detangling Spray,
Rachel Ward.

- Any questions about this product, leave me a comment and I will be sure to assit you. 


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